I excitedly read a text from a United Service Corps board member earlier this week.  She had some cool ideas and leads for a benefit concert we are planning as a fundraiser. A couple days later I was skyping with another board member, chatting about benefit concert logistics, marketing, and sponsor packages.  I had a phone convo with Momma Nat and we talked fundraising too.

In the midst of this, the Boston Marathon bombing happened. I have to be honest. My first reaction was: “Thank you Lord that only three people died.”

I was horrified by my first thought.  A few months ago, it would have been, “OH NO! THREE PEOPLE DIED!” I have to fight the subtle desensitization that has occurred over the past couple months/years. I want to be saddened by each death whether there are three casualties or 27.

Part of me questions if United Service Corps is enough to heal the immediate hurts and needs of our people RIGHT NOW.  My goal is to influence the future through US Corps but the scary question that hovers at the back of my mind is: will the future be too late?

Planning benefit concerts suddenly seems trivial and the United Service Corp not effective.  And guess what…….

That is exactly what they want.

I had this realization last night, that I have given the terrorists EXACTLY what they want. They want us to feel the future is uncertain, that the present not safe, that we should hole up and hide, that we are powerless to change the course of history.

Instead, I’m going to keep planning benefit concerts and other fundraising events to be able to influence as many students as possible and send as much volunteer workers abroad as I possibly can with the money we raise.  I’m going to purposely and determinedly NOT let the terrorists win and I hope you do the same.