Glow Erie Glow! The 2015 Glow Erie Run is Almost Here


The snow is finally (mostly) gone. The hard core runners in my Frontier neighborhood haven’t missed a beat this winter, but the ones who like the feeling to remain in their fingers and toes after a run, are coming out of hibernation.

I love to see them out my kitchen window. Training with a determined set to their jaw as they bang it out. I admire their dedication and I always think, “I hope they’re training for the Glow Erie Run!”

I’m not a runner myself but I love to walk. I try to get out with the kids everyday for at least a quick jaunt around the block to get the blood flowing. I love all the 5K events in Erie too. I mean, you just pick a weekend you want to get your race face on and I promise there is something brewing somewhere for you.

The 2015 Glow Erie Run is just 60 days away and I am looking forward to this year’s event like an eight year old pining for Christmas. Last year was our first year and we had a lot of kinks to work out. We had a much larger turn out than we expected and managing that many people was a challenge, but this year we are READY, so bring it on!

Glow-Erie-Fun-Run-2015-black-lightsWe also moved the time back an hour so it’s REALLY dark. Last year the race ended at dark because we were worried about families with small children and strollers running but we decided that if you are coming for the glow then it should really glow!

My friend DJ Shawn Steele and Memories in Motion (you might have heard him play at the Halloween Thriller 80s party at Rainbow Gardens or at the 90s Dance) is going to help us get our glow groove on by spinning tunes at the Start and Finish lines this year.

I’m the most excited about seeing the costumes. Last year they just blew me away with the sea of neon, LEDs and glow sticks. It was gorgeous.

Hope you plan on joining the glow fun this year. Register HERE! This year we are doing glow in the dark shirts too so make sure you register before May 7th to get one.