You Aren’t Too Busy for the Giving Corps Board. Promise!

I am so excited about this! We are recruiting fabulous women who want to make a difference in their community but have limited time and resources. (I mean that’s pretty much all of us, am I right???)

We are going to make it super, crazy, insanely easy. Here is how it is going to work:

Join our Giving Corps Board in either Erie, PA or Charlotte, NC (you don’t have to be local to those communities but it helps). Membership is only $120 for the year and 100% of that money goes directly to the Giving Corps pot and is 100% tax deductible because we are a 501c3 nonprofit. BONUS!

Take 5 minutes each month to vote on the project you think is most important for us to fund.

That’s it. See! So beautifully easy. Then you can tell all your friends you are on the board at a non profit and put it on your resume. That could be cool.

If you want to get more involved you can help us identify projects that need funding in your community or even help out with events. But only if you want to my fellow givers.

Money raised from the Glow Erie Run, grants, donations and your membership dues will all go into the till and we’ll have a monthly budget to bless as many people as we can.

We want to see a need fill a need. We want to do crazy/awesome things like:

  • Buy beds for kids with no where to sleep
  • Help pay rent/mortgage for a family who is about to be evicted
  • Build wheel chair ramps for the wheelchair bound
  • Plant trees in parks
  • Give shoes, baby clothes, eye glasses, school supplies, warm coats, WHATEVER
  • Buy someone’s crucial meds for a year
  • Provide bedding for the homeless shelter
  • Build houses, give Christmas, shelter women/children, and on and on and on!

The sky is the limit, really!

At United Service Corps we are passionate about serving people and the planet by giving back and helping those in need. It’s what we were made to do and we hope you are you too.

We have openings in the following communities:

  • Erie, PA
  • Charlotte, NC

Go HERE to join the board and read more about the Giving Corps.