Erie Cake Walk January 15

This Walk is a Piece of Cake – Erie Cake Walk

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Erie Cake Walk - January 15, 2017 We love to do events in the Erie community that give families and friends an opportunity to get active in a fun way. Trying to think of something to do in the dead of winter is HARD but we think we’ve done…

Giving Bags

At this point, you would think I would stop being surprised since it happens to me so often. I see God work right before my eyes and it never gets old and I never take it for granted. I am so thankful each and every time. At the beginning…
Giving Corps Christmas Project

Giving Christmas 2015

It would be a dream come true if I could write a check to every charity in my community that sends out a fundraising letter or help every person who asks United Service Corps for assistance through our website. I think it would be so fun to…

Baby Love – Summer ’15 Giving Corps Project

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The Giving Corps completed our first project last week. Earlier this summer we called up Family Services of Northwest PA to see if they had any moms who needed help. Two area teens were pregnant and due in the fall. So United Service Corps “adopted”…