Introducing the Giving Corps


We are passionate about helping those in need. The United Service Corps Board started on this endeavor to help people and the planet through volunteerism and community service.

This summer we are ready to launch what we call our Giving Corps, which will be our local community service arm. To start we will identify quarterly giving opportunities but in 2016 we hope to be able to do monthly projects as much as we can.

The basic premise of the Giving Corps will be: see a need, fill a need. We will rely on individuals, community charities, churches and schools to submit needs of families and children. We purposely left the door wide open so that we could be available for whatever unforeseen situation God places before us.

We don’t want to take away from any of the amazing services operating in Erie already, like the Erie City Mission, SafeNet, St. Martin’s, and the Second Harvest Food Bank. We just want to compliment their services, support them when possible and handle hopefully handle any special emergency needs.

Each month we will pick a need from the ones submitted, and fill as many as funds allow. Our major fundraiser will be the Glow Erie Run, that was attended by 2000 people this year. Our hope is to draw a bigger crowd next year to fund our Giving Corps.

We have been inspired by the great philanthropists of our time, like Bill and Melinda Gates and the Buffets who not only answer letters for help, but have also started a campaign to convince all their billionaire friends to leave the majority of their fortunes to charity when they die.

We look up to people like Glennon Doyle Melton, founder of Momastery, who hosts love flash mobs where people across the country submit needs and then her “monkees” step up to the plate to help where they can.

We’re working on creating a Giving Board to help us sift through and pray over the requests and help us fill needs in Erie. So if you are interested, definitely message us. We are looking for women in Erie who love helping people and the planet.

Our first project of the Giving Corps is two teen moms who are due with babies in July and September this year. United Service Corps is going to raise money and collect gently used items for the two first-time moms.